Hotel Revenue Management for Hotels with International Standards

Hotel operational standards aroundtopogigio the world consistently update their pricing structure based on the evolving circumstances and in accordance with the needs of consumers. To do that, hotel owners must understand the revenue management system, the price changes generally consist of, special promotions, menu settings, room type, minimum service standard, etc. There are many ways to get guidance in doing hotel revenue management, one of which is to visit various websites or do it based on the guidebook at

Revenue management is a smart solution to show that customers are really willing to pay a certain price for services on demand and time, you need to know that different people are willing to pay different amounts at different times for your hotel properties; they are variable. This highly reliable management can be used to get hotel customer loyalty, hotels start using special offers and discount offers to earn customer loyalty points. All hotels with professional services must use revenue management, because the way is very simple and easy. The hotel owners need to understand the products they want to give to consumers.

All international hotels apply revenue management to serve their customers. Some of these hotels are in Bali, Indonesia. In addition to offering a classy hotel, Bali also offers a variety of properties that can be bought or rented by tourists. They can Invest in property vacation in Bali as an alternative choice to stay in the hotel.

Hotel management needs to maintain promotional popularity from start to finiBali_apartment_2sh, through this promotional consumer entering price lists and facilities in their minds. Hotels need to strengthen by framing discounts with the best facilities. This method must be accepted by consumers as well.

Generally, revenue management is to fill room capacity, and separate the price (within a certain time). This management essentially explains the perception of fairness and dual rights for consumers. The principle of dual rights states that guests are made to believe that they are entitled to a reasonable price in accordance with the facilities provided. The hotel may not be arbitrary to charge guests if there is a double right.

The hotel room sales program will not run up to 100%  if there is no order for the consumer. Therefore, the cost must be taken into account. Revenue earned from the sale of extra rooms should be proportional to the cost level.

In addition to sales programs, another basic component that should be applied positively in hotel revenue management is market segmentation. Market segmentation related to sales target; general managers should be able to target and market rooms to all consumer groups that include a wide range of behaviors as well as deliver offers that meet basic needs at the budget level. If you visit Bali, you will get offers of various hotels that suit the needs of consumers. Business accommodation and vacation properties are becoming a golden land for businessmen, as the island is better known abroad than anywhere else in Indonesia. There are many residential options in Bali, you can choose a hotel or Invest in property vacation in Bali. Facilities, prices, and natural beauty are calculated for tourists before visiting this island.